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This page contains links to AutoCAD drawings that I have done for some of my woodworking projects. If you have the WHIP! viewer you can click on any of the links below and view the drawing. If you don't have WHIP! you can get it by clicking on the link to the left. See the note at the bottom for more on using WHIP!

I just learned that I can convert AutoCAD drawings to Acrobat .pdf files. So if you can't read the WHIP! files click on the Acrobat files. They don't look as nice on the computer monitor but they print out just like the AutoCAD drawings.

Please remember, I made these drawings for myself to use for my personal projects. So they are not completely detailed. You may need to figure out some of what I was thinking. If you really can't figure something out email me at and I'll see if I can explain it to you.

WHIP! file

Acrobat file

Dining Table Dining Table I haven't built this Arts and Crafts inspired dining table yet, but I need to get going on it now that I have the chairs done. I will use walnut for most of the table to match the chairs with inserts of some contrasting wood in the top. I'll use through mortises on the stretchers and standard mortise and tenons on the rest of it.

Side Chair

Side Chair

Here's the side chair to go along with the table. This chair is adapted from the plans out of a book titled "Building Arts and Crafts Furniture" by Paul Kemner and Peggy Zdila. You can see the construction process and the finished product at
6 Bottle Wine Rack
6 Bottle Wine Rack This is a small (6 bottle) wine rack that I have built, 3 of them as a matter of fact. It is easy to build, but has a couple of challenges to it too. Our local hardwood supplier had some "Rustic" cherry that I got for $2.55 per bd ft. Being so small (the biggest piece is 2 3/4 x 13 7/8) I was able to cut around the knots and bark and came out with some really nice wood.
Frame Detail - Picnic Table

Frame Detail - Picnic Table Here's a couple of drawings done by a guy I used to work with. This is an octagonal picnic table with attached seats. It's a pretty nice design, but since I haven't built it myself I wouldn't be able to answer any questions on this one.
Finish Detail - Picnic Table Finish Detail - Picnic Table
Wall Mirror
Wall Mirror Here's a small wall hanging mirror I built as a Christmas present for my Mother a few years ago. My Father described to me over the phone what she wanted and this is what I came up with. It turned out pretty nice and was a fun little project to build.
WHIP allows you to view an AutoCAD .dwf drawing. While viewing the drawing you can right click and a menu will pop up that allows you to Pan, Zoom and Print among other things. It also allows you to save it in .dwg format so that you can than open it in AutoCAD and work with it as you would any other drawing.

Give it a try.

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